Accommodation Rules


  1. Hotel will accommodate a guest that has previously announced oneself. The guest is required to prove their identity with a valid identity card or passport. Afterwards, the receptionist will deliver the room key.


  1. Hotel provides guests with services at least to the extent of regulation n. 419/ 2001 Z. z..


  1. In rare circumstances, the hotel is is eligible to provide the guest with a different accommodation, as long as it does not differ too greatly from the original booking.


  1. If a guest wishes to prolong their stay, the hotel is eligible to move the guest to a different room.


  1. The hotel is responsible for guests’ money and valuables only if the hotel took these into safekeeping upon guest request. According to general obligatory rules, the hotel is responsible for ordinary personal consumption items. In case of damage compensation request, the guest is required to inform the hotel reception without delay. The hotel informs the insurance company, which overtakes the case.


  1. The guest is allowed visitors in their room only with the prior knowledge and permission of the receptionist and only from 14.00 to 22.00.


  1. In case of medical emergency, the hotel ensures the provision of medical assistance, as well as transport to hospital.


  1. The guest is eligible to use the room for the duration of their booking. If the booking does not state otherwise, the check-out time is 10.00. If the guest does not check out at the latest at 12.00, after an agreement with the receptionist, the hotel is eligible to charge the guest for an extra night.


  1. The check-in time is 14.00, if not otherwise stated on the booking. Under special circumstances and after prior agreement with the hotel, the check-in can be done earlier. In the guest checks-in before 6.00, they are required to pay for the full night.


  1. If not previously agreed upon with the hotel manager, the guest is not allowed to move the hotel facilities or install any electronic devices in any of the rooms or public spaces.


  1. In the entire building and especially in the rooms, the guest is not allowed to use electronic devices apart from ones, which are meant for personal hygiene (e.g. hairdryer).


  1. It is forbidden to smoke in the hotel rooms. In case of violation a 100EUR fine will be charged.


  1. Before check-out, the guest should close all the windows, water closures, turn the lights off, lock the doors and submit the key to the reception.


  1. For security reasons, it is not recommended to leave children, younger than 10 years of age, alone in the rooms or any public spaces.


  1. Dogs are accepted in the rooms for an additional charge of 10 EUR and only if the guest can prove its non-problematic health. The guest will take full responsibility for the cleanliness of the room and public spaces, including the courtyard.


  1. The guest is not allowed to store sports equipment inside the room. The hotel provides a storage space for these items.


  1. The silent hours are from 22.00 to 6.00. Guest that breaches this regulation can be charged a 100 EUR fine.


  1. In case of damage to the hotel property, the guest will take responsibility according to valid regulations.


  1. The guest is required to pay for the used hotel accommodation and services according to the valid price list.


  1. A valid price. list for all room types and hotel services is available at the reception desk.


  1. The guest is required to respect and follow all of the accommodation rules. In case the guest breaches these rules, the hotel is allowed to withdraw from the contract of providing accommodation to the guest before the check out date and time stated on the original booking.

Marianna Učňová
(Hotel Manager)