Our vineyards in Šalov
Šalov village is situated in the Nitra vineyard locality in the Želiezovský region and in the microregion of Dolné pohronie and Poiplie. The mechanisation centre of the company is situated here as well as 57 hectares of newly reconstructed vineyards where traditional Slovak types of grapevines are grown.

Count Esterházy Vine Cellar
A classical vine cellar of the Count Esterházy from 1816 is a part of the vineyards. It can be found at the end of a wine street full of small wine cellars. The wine cellar will undergo a delicate reconstruction next year. After the reconstruction we plan to transfer there a part of the wine production. We intend to make terroir wines from vines grown in our vineyards.
The U-shaped cellar, 145 metres long, has the temperature of 12 °C year-round. The walls of the cellar are still coated with noble rot as the result of evaporation of maturing wines. The original oak barrels with the capacity of 250 thousand litres (around 25 wine tankers) have been preserved.

Vineyard’s character
Up to 80% of vineyards in Šalov are South oriented and the remaining part is facing south-west. The soil is mainly composed of brown earth, loess, here and there even clay and it has partially a strong calcium reactivity. The inclination is 10 – 15 %, with part of the vineyards in terraced landscapes. Anti-erosion drainage is provided to drain torrential waters.

Mechanisation centre
The mechanisation centre is situated in the Šalov village municipal part named Šándor. The mechanisation centre was built by the Esterházy family. Vast reconstruction works are being planned at present.

Winegrowing techniques
To grow the vines we use the following equipment: 4 tractors, 3 sprayers, 2 drawn mulch machines, 1 tipping mulch spreader, 2 manure tankers, 1 grass sprayer. We use also cultivation equipment such as rotary harrows, rotavator or fertilizer spreader.